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Xiaomi ZSH.COM bath towel to long-stapled cotton material, which is soft and comfortable. With the anti-mite material Polygiene of Sweden, it can effectively inhibit the growth of fungi, bacteria, mites, and will not cause odor. The absorbency of the towel zsh.com is bright, so that the long staple cotton can quickly absorb the water of your hair. Light color indicates youth and energy, the patented seal package ensures cleaning of the towel before use. Start your beautiful day every morning with Xiaomi product!

Principal features:

  • Main characteristics:
  • Delicate and effective
  • Made of super soft Long-staple cotton that is gentle on the face and skin
  • With Polygiene of Sweden
  • Inhibit the growth of fungi, bacteria, mites, do not cause odor
  • Environmental friendly
  • Do not add any chemical additives, no fabric softeners
  • Good absorption capacity
  • Quickly absorb the water from your hair
  • Sealant package
  • All towels are clean

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