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There is not much to say, being a scale and not having components like RAM, CPU, cameras and so on, but there is still something you need to know and not mentioned in the construction. Libra Body Composition is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, useful to connect to compatible devices, integrates four stainless steel electrodes on the upper surface useful for determining the various body values ​​and is powered by four mini-AAA batteries, not included in the package I our case. We find, as mentioned, an LED display, well hidden in the upper surface, useful for displaying the body weight and the indicator loading the measurement of the different body values.

The most interesting aspect of Libra Body Composition, as we said in the introduction, however, is the software, or rather the body data that is able to collect and display on the smartphone through Bluetooth 4.0. Just connect it to any device with Android 4.4 or iOS 8 or later and use the Mi Fit application, downloadable from the Play Store and in Italian, for access to a lot of information about your body. But what are, precisely, the values ​​that it is able to measure? First of all it must be said that it is able to weigh people, only those, between 5 and 150 kilograms, nothing else. That said, let's see the values ​​that it is able to detect besides the weight:

  • IMC, the body mass index calculated with the ratio between weight and square of height;
  • body fat, the percentage of fat mass contained in the body;
  • water, expressed as a percentage;
  • basal metabolism, energy expenditure of the body at rest;
  • visceral fat, adipose tissue present between the internal organs;
  • muscle, muscle mass made of skeletal and smooth muscles containing water;
  • bone mass, the amount of calcium, phosphorus and other elements that make up the bones;
  • physical type, an index that determines the state of the body.

Once you get on the bare scale, it takes only a few seconds to get all the above values. The weight is displayed directly on the scale display, while the other values ​​are synchronized immediately with the connected device, even if it is connected at a later time because it is able to keep the latest measurements in memory. In order to make it easier to orientate between all the values ​​obtained, the application provides detailed descriptions and reference indexes with which you can immediately see your conditions and have suggestions on what to do to improve them.

In addition to numbers, you can view all the values ​​with graphs, which are also useful for visualizing the progress of the measurements over time so that you can immediately see the progress made. Then there are some useful options to manually delete and add measurements, share values ​​on social networks, change units and add new users up to a maximum of 16. Also present a screen to display some information on the scale, such as the version of the firmware.

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